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Hemi returns with new single ‘Whispers’ after a 2-year hiatus

The project includes also a remix from Johannes Albert

  • 1 June 2022
Hemi returns with new single ‘Whispers’ after a 2-year hiatus

DJ and producer Hemi, has returned back with his highly anticipated new official release, “Whispers”.

Following a two-year hiatus, the artist makes a triumphant return with his fresh project that has been released via the Mexico-based record label Duro. “Whispers” follows Hemi’s 2020 release “CTO”, to which Kerem Akdag contributed with a remix, too.

The opener is the original version, a cut fueled by forceful drums, a power-driven sinewy bass, mixed with a barrage of resonant percussions, a deep piano riff, and a contrast of distant, spectral vocals alongside wacky synthesizers.

Just after it, the remix made by Johannes Albert accompanies our listening experience; it is a solid, electrifying and ethereal track. Dynamic drums accompanied by a shocker bass, liquid and centrifugal synthesizers and undulating pianos, a lightning bolt to the dance floor.

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