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Jad Halal takes listeners to ‘Jordan’ with new single

The artist’s new single is a result of inspiration from his latest trip to Jordan

  • 17 July 2022
Jad Halal takes listeners to ‘Jordan’ with new single

Jad Halal has released one of his most unique tracks to date, “Jordan”.

Pouring his impressions from a recent trip to Jordan, Jad Halal claims that the resulting track were born out of the inspiration by the ethnicity and rich cultural history of the country. Translated into a downtempo listening experience with rousing oriental textures, “Jordan” features bewitching vocals, crisp percussion along with twisting leads that all create an organic landscape of sound.

Jad Halal’s early productions date back to 2017 when he collaborated with Steklo for “What If” and has garnered attention with tracks in different shades of house the likes of “Oh Lor My Love”, “The Sun And The Wind”, “Ahwak”, “Fada” and “Nabad”, in which the use of oriental instrumentation is significant.

“Jordan” follows the artist’s latest EP titled “Helem” on Cafe De Anatolia. Check the track out below.

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